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About career breaks

If you have either no experience at all, or it is quite modest, indicate the achievements of school and student times - in particular, tell about competitions, contests, competitions, conferences, internships and internships.

In addition to the basic education (the name of the university, department and specialty, as well as the year of graduation), you can specify the courses taken. But do not write everything in a resume (remember the principle of selectivity) - a list of 25 seminars that have little to do with experience and the position is unlikely to interest the recruiter.

For young professionals it is especially important to mention additional education (and attach the relevant diplomas and certificates) - this will be a plus with little or no work experience.

In this section you can also freely indicate the knowledge of foreign languages if it is important for a particular position.

Key skills

Another very important section of the resume. It is important to avoid trite words like "responsible" and "sociable". You should list only professional skills, software skills and special tools for the particular position.

It is better not to ignore key skills, because they will be the key words to search for. They will bring your resume to the employer's attention more often. Just do not add too many of them, it will make your CV too big.

About yourself

This part can be at the beginning or at the end of your resume. Here you can include your personal characteristics that may be important to the employer. For example, phrases about how you always meet your deadline or show up to work on time would fit here.

"The 'About Me' paragraph is usually the funniest, because they often write outright nonsense there. All you have to do is add a couple of lines about your soft skills and a couple of lines about your hobbies to show how versatile you are. You can add your accomplishments that relate to your field, but which you have achieved outside of work.

Your passion and love of change

Write what you love about your job that inspires and motivates you. People who are changing fields are also encouraged to fill in this section - better explain why: you like to change, you like to learn new things, you want to explore a different field.

Resume Checker

Resume checker is a service for people who would like to know what can be improved in their documents before sending them to their dream employer. It is a kind of audit of your resume.

When you have your application documents audited:

  • You send in your resume.
  • You send in a job offer that you're going to apply for.
  • You get specific advice on how you can improve your credentials to highlight your strengths and meet the employer's needs.
  • The time it takes to check your resume is about two business days.
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